What's My Profile

We offer “What’s My Profile” questionnaire for analyzing behavioural profile of an individual (profile of only one person at a time) for marriage. This questionnaire is to be filled individually and not with the partner. This is an online multiple choice questionnaire which gives a brief report of profile of an individual on 300 Partner for Life.in parameters.

Completing the questionnaire “What’s My Profile” takes around 60 minutes.This time is not necessarily in one go but overall. We have provided an option of saving in between. Whatever you would have filled (if internet connection and server is working) will be automatically saved and this way you can take breaks (within validity period) while filling the questionnaire.

You can also login to our site to view a SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE and SAMPLE REPORT

If required, you may also take our additional service of consultancy, advice, guidance (at an additional fee) which is based on the outcome of this questionnaire i.e. report. For that, you need to schedule an appointment with us by calling our office on numbers as listed in our Website (Note- This service is available in only select cities of India)


  • Gives a brief report on your tentative profile on "Partner for Life.in" parameters, which enhances your BIO DATA for MARRAIGE and helps in making it more INTERSTING and MEANINGFUL
  • "What's My Profile" report from Prospective Brides / Grooms will help you in better short listing of your life partner. So, you may also ASK for this REPORT along with the BIO DATA from your prospective Brides / Grooms
  • This questionnaire can be also useful for those who want to briefly analyze their own profile for marital conflicts
    (we generally do not recommend it for this purpose because it involves only one partner).

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