Success Stories

“I used your product "Profile Match & Conflict Analysis" for finding the right match and results were shocking and surprising. Shocking because one partner whom I thought will be my best partner based on his physical looks, profession and family background turned out to be a poor match with me and Surprising because I got a high match with a partner whom I had almost rejected.

I am very happy with the results because it is a matter of my future and spending whole life with this one person. When I spent time with the person whom I have rejected but got a high match using your product, I found a very genuine,loving, caring, matured partner who is also a good human being.

With lots of thanks....”

Neha – Planning to get married

“Initial one year of our married life was awesome! But soon our regular fights started on trivial issues which used to end with blaming each other for the conflict. Somebody told us about Partner for Life .in and we used their "Expectation Vs. Commitment Match" online questionnaire . Report was an eye opener for both of us which not only analyzed our profiles in detail but also analyzed the areas of conflict in logical and systematic manner.

We thank Partner for for bringing a radical change in our thinking and helping us to understand the value of love!!”

Ajinder and Sonia – Married couple

“What a product!! It's AMAZING and out of the WORLD….. never seen such a detailed, logical questionnaire and in depth report .... GREAT DESIGN”

Lisa Verghaege – From USA

“Partnerforlife is a perfect place for those who are planning to marry or those facing conflicts in their married life.
This site also provides the platform to check compatibility of the partners before taking the most important decision of their life. Its uniqueness lies in the services based on both Before and After marriage with a strong focus to maintain a long term relationship among partners.

Its a revolutionary idea and I hope it will grow at an exponential rate”

Ankit Aggarwal - IIT Kanpur – Planning to get married

“Despite in love from last 5 years, we used to quarrel almost everyday. We tried one of the questionnaires of Partner for Life .in and results have changed our thinking. Earlier we used to blame each other and now we claim each mistake. Partner for Life .in not only helped us to understand each other in detail but also helped us to introspect ourselves in depth and detail”

Confidential – In love

“Thank you Partner for Life .in for giving such a wonderful product which is the need of the hour. I was planning to get married and used your product “Whats My Profile". I requested shortlisted partners to send their "Whats My Profile" report along with their bio data.

This is just a wonderful tool to finalize the right life partner based on behavioral parameters. It not only helped me to finalize my dream partner but also saved me from some outside beautiful but inside ugly partners”

Confidential – Planning to get married

“Pankaj Ji, what a Seminar!! It was MESMERISING and an EYE OPENER for all of us. In short, nobody from our family and friends moved an inch during your seminar. It was an extra ordinary lecture with all practical thoughts and practical solutions. You were instrumental in breaking many of our myths and strong beliefs. We liked the way you responded to all the questions and queries put up by our family members and friends. We will look forward to have many more seminars from you and we request you to give some suitable day for one seminar exclusively for our children. May God bless you in your vision”

Atul and Sunil – on behalf of Gupta family and friends

“Initially when I told my partner to fill the online questionnaire, he was quite upset with me. He even told me "if you want me to fill the questionnaire that means you don’t trust me”. Somehow I persuaded him and now he is the happiest person after the results because the results showed that his chances of meeting my expectations are much more than mine. We are both planning to now fill “Expectation vs. Commitment Match” questionnaire for finding the match of commitment”

Ankit – in love

“First of all we would like to tell you that you are true to your mission of “Indians are the best”. Me and my wife met senior counselor of Partner for Life .in for advice related to our marital conflicts. We both are benefited with the report and your advice. Our conflicts are minimized after the advice.

Whenever we have conflict now, your words stop us and we start accepting each other. We liked your simple options for resolving chronic issues. We request you to take out time from your busy schedule and give some seminar on motivation for our relatives and friends”

Anju and Sunil – Married couple