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This questionnaire is creatively designed to find the match of interests and areas of conflict with your partner. Questionnaire has 300 fixed parameters (multiple choice) and it helps:

  • To those who have short listed a few partners (persons) and want to know a tentative match of potential areas of conflict / interests (on around 300 creative and logical parameters) before finalizing marriage with one of them
  • To proactively know the possibility and areas of conflict in your married life with your shortlisted partner which helps you to answer "Should I really be planning to spend my whole life with him / her?"
  • Those who are in love but want to analyze their current and potential conflicts / interests (on around 300 creative and logical parameters)
  • To analyze the conflict issues with your partner (for those who are already married)

Questionnaire is to be filled by both you and your partner in the individual login provided to you. In order to get correct results, the questionnaire should be filled individually, separately, truly and honestly. It should not be filled jointly with your partner

Completion of questionnaire will take around two hours. This time is not necessarily in one go but overall. We have provided an option of saving in between. Whatever you would have filled (if internet connection and server is working) will be automatically saved and this way you and your Partner can take breaks (within the validity period) while filling the questionnaire.

The output of the questionnaire will be in the form of a detailed online report, which will either help you in short listing the right match (if planning to get married) or to analyze the areas of conflicts in a logical manner with your partner (if already married).

(Note- if you are planning to get married, we recommend you to use both the questionnaire. First use “Profile Match & Conflict Analysis” with all short listed partners and then use “Expectation Vs. Commitment Match” with the finalized partner)

Advantage of this questionnaire:

Right Partner
Deciding the right partner from the few shortlisted partners for marriage
Best Profile Match
Finding the match between couples who are in love
Analyze and
resolve conflict
Analyzing and resolving conflict between married couples or those in love

If required, you may also take our additional service of consultancy, advice, guidance (at an additional fee) which is based on the outcome of this report. For that, you need to schedule an appointment with us by calling our office on numbers as listed in our Website (Note- This service is available in only select cities of India)

Step by Step Approach (First Time User) - Click here

Step by Step Approach (Match with Anonther Partner) - Click here