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We thank Partner for for bringing a radical change in our thinking and resolving our day to day conflicts! We now understand the value of love in married couples!!
It is pleasure to share our success story.

Ajinder and Sonia – Married couple


People get married & hope to live happily ever after. However, in many cases, though the marriage starts on a happy note, it later turns into daily conflicts and dissatisfaction. It happens even with those who are in love or know each other very well before marriage.

The reason of conflicts after marriage lies in the present system of selecting the partner, in which the partner is selected based on compatibility of overt features like complexion, physical features, income, religion, status etc. However, Behavioural Compatibility (combination of behaviour, liking and beliefs), which is the most important aspect of marital conflict is commonly ignored by most of the people in partner selection. Even if both the partner know each other very well before marriage, many important aspects of behaviour are discovered only after marriage.

Unfortunately, at present no such online mechanism exists globally that addresses this important aspect. Any such site, even if available only gives a superficial analysis without getting into the depth and details.

Partner for Life .in realized the need for such a product and launched this well designed website. This site is useful for both who want to get married and those who are already married but facing regular conflict in their life.

The overall objective of this website is twofold

  • Save "Wrong Marriages" and
  • Bring happiness in "Married Life"

Our online products / services are very useful for:

  • Those who have short listed a few partners (persons) and want to know a tentative match of potential areas of conflicts / interests (on around 300 creative and logical parameters) before finalizing marriage with one of them
  • Those couples who are in love but want to analyze their current and potential areas of conflicts / interests (on around 300 creative and logical parameters)
  • Those couples who are already married but facing regular conflicts and want to analyze the reasons of conflict in a systematic and logical way so as to solve some of the conflicts (with or without our advise)
  • Those who are interested to analyze their self profile on 300 “Partner for Life .in” parameters and want to enhance their Bio Data for marriage, in order to make it more meaningful on the basis of our report
  • Those who are looking for prospective Brides / Grooms for marriage and want to shortlist suitable partners, not only on the basis of their bio data but also on the basis of their Partner for Life .in profile

All these ANALYSIS are carried out by our DETAILED, UNIQUE and LOGICAL (multiple choice) ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE, which generates a SELF EXPLANATORY ONLINE REPORT called "RISHTON KI ANUBHUTI". Questionnaires are in ENGLISH & HINDI BOTH

REPORT is very helpful to study those areas where YOU and / or YOUR PARTNER should bring a change in yourself for a BETTER LIFE or where You should take appropriate actions.

Though the report will not reflect the actions, but it will highlight those areas where actions are required. Since this study is based on facts, this will help you to logically analyze the issues.

At present, we offer three distinct online questionnaires (product):

    Only for self

    We offer "What’s My Profile" questionnaire for analyzing your own profile for marriage. This is an online multiple choice questionnaire which gives a brief report of your tentative profile on Partner for parameters. This report is useful to enhance your Bio Data for marriage, thus making it more meaningful

    For Married or Unmarried Couples

    This questionnaire is creatively designed to find the match of interests and areas of conflict with your partner. Questionnaire has 300 fixed parameters (multiple choice). Report helps you to determine a tentative match of interests / likings between you and your partner.

    For Married or Unmarried Couples

    This questionnaire is creatively designed to find the tentative score of COMMITMENT LEVEL on each other EXPECTATIONS. Questionnaire is designed in two phases. First phase is the Expectation phase and second phase is the Commitment phase.

If required, you may also take our additional service of consultancy, advice, guidance (at an additional fee) which is based on the outcome of the report. For that, you need to schedule an appointment with us by calling our office on numbers as listed in our Website (Note- This service is available in only select cities of India)

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