Difference between Matrimonial sites and Partner for Life.in

Take a look how we are different from others !

S.N. General Matrimonial Sites Partner for Life .in
1 Almost all matrimonial sites help you to shortlist a few suitable persons for marriage, based on thousands of profiles available in their data bank As of now, our specialized service starts only after you have short listed someone for marriage using various media such as personal friendship with that person or reference from relative / friend / neighbor / priest / well wisher / matrimonial sites etc.

Once you shortlist a person for marriage, we help you to find (analyze) a tentative match of interest, liking and expectations with this short listed person (partner) before getting into matrimony or giving commitment for marriage. The analysis is based on filling our online questionnaire by you and your partner, output of which is converted into a systematic and structured report.

Our online report will help you to proactively know the possibility and areas of conflict in your future married life. We help you to answer "Should I really be planning to spend my whole life with this him/ her?"
2 Most of the matrimonial sites help you to select the partner based on overt features of the partner such as complexion, height, income etc. However, many other parameters such as behavior, attitude, personality, views on child etc which normally leads to conflict / dissatisfaction later are not covered. In our questionnaire there are around 300 parameters (vary from questionnaire to questionnaire) and match of your expectations with your shortlisted partner is based on these detailed parameters.

Our questionnaire is creatively designed to find a match even on some subtle parameters like feelings, behavior, attitude, liking, personality, views on child, views on sex, beliefs etc which people either ignore or do not ask explicitly, before entering into matrimony.

Note: In our questionnaires, we also take care of physical, religious, profession qualification, income related aspects
3 Most of the matrimonial sites have around 25 preliminary parameters for finding a match but have no such provision by which you can determine the extent to which the other person would meet your specified expectations. We offer three online questionnaire (multiple choice questions) at present :

a) "Profile Match & Conflict Analysis" online questionnaire checks tentative match of you and your partner on 300 fixed mandatory parameters. These parameters are creatively designed to highlight areas of potential conflict. Result of this questionnaire will be in the form of a detailed online report.

b) "Expectation vs. Commitment Match" online questionnaire checks your tentative match on 270 fixed questions but with an option to skip any particular question and a provision for some additional questions (from 5 to 25 depending on the type of product / service selected by you). This questionnaire will help you to analyze tentative match of commitment on each other’s expectations (between you and your partner). Result of this questionnaire will be in the form of a detailed online report.

c) "What’s my Profile" online questionnaire checks your own tentative profile (with the purpose of marriage) on Partner for Life .in parameters. This questionnaire is to be filled individually and not with the partner. Result of this questionnaire will be in the form of a detailed online report which makes your bio data for marriage more interesting and meaningful. What's My Profile" report from prospective Brides / Grooms may also help you in short listing of your life partner. You may ask them to also provide their “What’s My Profile Report” along with the bio data for marriage.

This questionnaire can be also useful for those who want to briefly analyze their own profile for marital conflicts.

4 Most of the matrimonial sites require you to mandatorily keep some parameters for public view. In some sites your complete data can be viewed by their premium members. In most of our products / services, your profile is not for public view and is not shared by any other member. Your profile can be viewed only by those allowed by you (to find a tentative match of interest / liking). For this you would need to provide the unique partner code to that person (one code is only for one person as an additional security).

You have an option to share or not to share your profile with our online users only in “What’s my Profile questionnaire”. In this case even if you agree to share your profile and your profile is matched with the search criteria of our user, the only information disclosed to the user about you is your name, email ID and gender and no other details will be shared. Note: Profile sharing service has not yet started.
5 Matrimonial sites do not offer service for analyzing / resolving conflict in married couples. Our online questionnaires are very useful for those who are married, have regular conflicts with their partner and want to analyze and resolve the areas of conflict.
FAQ- Which product should I select?

Answer: Some general guidelines are:

1. Looking for a detailed profile of an individual on Partner for Life .in parameters – Select "What's my Profile"

2. Already short listed somebody for marriage, and before getting into matrimony, you want to know the tentative match of your liking and interest with each other (in the form of a report) – First use “Profile Match & Conflict Analysis” with all shortlisted partners and then use “Expectation vs. Commitment Match” with finalized partner (even for finalized partner, we recommend you to use both the questionnaire but “Profile Match & Conflict Analysis” should be preferably used before using “Expectation vs. Commitment Match)

3. Want to analyze conflict with the person whom you love - Select "Profile Match & Conflict Analysis"

4. Want to analyze conflict with your spouse – Select "Profile Match & Conflict Analysis" or "Expectation vs. Commitment Match"

5. Want to test the tentative match of commitment on each other’s expectation (between you and your partner / spouse) - Select "Expectation vs. Commitment Match"