Bulk Buyer Overview

Bulk Buyer is like our Partner in selling. Bulk Buyer is an individual person (employed or unemployed), who buys online questionnaire based products from us at a discounted price (after getting approval from us) and sells it directly to the customer (friends, relatives, colleagues, general public etc) at a price which is equal to or less than the maximum selling price (base price + tax). If we approve somebody to become our Bulk Buyer, we will add that person / organization in the list of our Active Bulk Buyers. (Note: Active Bulk Buyer list is a dynamic list and we can even remove any name from this list)


  • Minimum age 18+
  • Very low investment for buying products (can be initiated with as low as INR 5,000)
  •  Option with 0 investment is also available (for further details, click here to contact us)
  • Basic knowledge of Computer and internet to guide your customer in case of any doubt
  • A mobile phone for contacting your customer


  • Earn in your free time
  • You can even earn up to 50,000 INR / month
  • Select your own customer
  • Collect payment directly from your customer


  • No bank guarantee
  • No paper formality
  • No hidden charges
  • No caution money
  • No need of any shop or office premises

Note : Bulk buyer can also be an organization that buys our Products / Service for the personal use of their employees.

Step by Step Approach (Bulk Buyer) - Click here