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People spend a lot of money and time for a wedding, on many unnecessary things. By investing a very small amount of your money and some time, you can save wrong marriages or bring happiness to a married life. Try these products on www.partnerforlife.in

About Partner for Life .in

Partner for Life .in is a unit of Simply Dhruv. Simply Dhruv was started in year 2003 by Pankaj Aggarwal (proprietor) along with his wife Madhusmita Aggarwal. Simply here means "Making complex things simpler" and Dhruv is the name of their son. This company was started with a purpose to provide training and consultancy to Indian companies in a very simple, effective and practical way. At present, Simply Dhruv has around 40 satisfied corporate clients. Simply Dhruv provides corporate training and consultancy in quality, quality systems, change management, operational improvement, cultural improvement and behavioral areas.

Our Founder & Principal Counsellor Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal has been awarded as one of the "Most Talented Training & Development Leaders" by "World HRD Congress and CHRO Asia”. This award is intensely researched and reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals, senior leaders, researchers and academicians from across the globe. The criteria and competencies benchmarked are: Strategic Perspective, Track Record, Effective Use of Technology, Sustainable Practices, Future Orientation, Continuous Innovation in Training & Counselling, Change Management and Thought Leadership. You may also visit us at www.simplydhruv.com


People get married & hope to live happily ever after. However, in many cases, though the marriage starts on a happy note, it later turns into daily conflicts and dissatisfaction. It happens even with those who are in love or know each other very well before marriage.

The reason of conflicts after marriage lies in the present system of selecting the partner, in which the partner is selected based on compatibility of overt features like complexion, physical features, income, religion, status etc. However, Behavioural Compatibility (combination of behaviour, liking and beliefs), which is the most important aspect of marital conflict is commonly ignored by most of the people in partner selection. Even if both the partner know each other very well before marriage, many important aspects of behaviour are discovered only after marriage.

Unfortunately, at present no such online mechanism exists globally that addresses this important aspect. Any such site, even if available only gives a superficial analysis without getting into the depth and details.

Partner for Life .in realized the need for such a product and started working on it. Work on this project started in June 2013 and in July 2015, Partner for Life .in launched a well designed website with the name www.partnerforlife.in. This site is useful for both who want to get married and those who are already married but facing regular conflict in their life.

The overall objective of this website is twofold

• Save "Wrong Marriages" and

• Bring happiness in "Married Life"

One needs to simply complete a detailed online questionnaire (multiple choice) that is creatively designed to analyze behavioural compatibility between the partners. Every questionnaire has around 270 questions, which covers each and every aspect of martial conflict.

One of the questionnaire "What's My Profile" (which can be filled without a partner) helps to highlight behavioural aspects of an individual on 25 Partner for Life .in parameters. This report makes the bio – data for marriage more meaningful.

The outcome of these questionnaires is a well designed, structured and elaborative online report which reflects almost each and every dimension of behaviour, likings and beliefs of the partners. For those planning to get married, this reports helps in taking the right decision for marriage and for those already married the report helps to analyze the areas of conflicts in a logical manner.

Patience, Importance of Partner, Importance of Partner’s family, Maturity, Modern & Broad Minded, Craze for Sex, Liking for having a child, Religious belief, Ethical and Moral values etc are examples of some of the behavioural parameters analysed by the report. Each Report analyses a minimum of 25 such attributes on 5 different scales, ranging from very high to very low.

The report is easy to understand and self explanatory, however, if required, Partner for Life .in also offers counselling and consultation based on the report. This service is available with prior appointment.

Important Note: www.partnerforlife.in is not a Matrimonial site which may help in short listing a few suitable persons for marriage, based on thousands of profiles available in their data bank. Partner for Life .in provides a specialized service that starts only after short listing the partner for marriage using various media such as personal friendship or referral from relatives / friend / neighbor / priest / well wisher / matrimonial sites etc. After short listing a person for marriage, Partner for Life .in helps you to answer "Should I really be planning to spend my whole life with him/ her?" Moreover it also helps to analyze martial conflicts, which is not available on any Matrimonial Site.

Salient features:

1. Questionnaires are totally online and information filled by both the partners remains completely confidential (not even known to each other while filling), so the partners can mark their responses freely.

2. Some personal questions which are very important for a happy married life but generally avoided explicitly because of shyness or presuming the response to be OK can be transparently answered. For example : Snoring habit of Partner, liking for having a child etc

3. Multiple choice questions

4. Only one of the partners i.e., Initiator pays for the questionnaire. After purchase of questionnaire, initiator needs to pass on a very confidential “Partner Key” to his / her partner to get connected online to the relevant questionnaire.

5. Long validity of the questionnaire, so that it can be filled properly.

6. Instant report generation after locking the questionnaire completely.

7. Confidentiality of report - If the Initiator wishes, he / she may decide not to share the report with the partner.

8. Profile of any individual is not open for public view, not even of the premium members of Partner for Life .in

9. Minimum 270 questions in each questionnaire, which covers almost every aspect of marital compatibility

10. Questionnaire and Report is available both in English and Hindi

One Concern That You May Have:

You may find the questionnaires time consuming, but that is to provide you with the best quality of output. Each question is unique in itself and is equally important, particularly from the point of view of Marital Compatibility and Conflicts. A few hours of your time is worth spending NOW than regretting it in FUTURE.

For your convenience, Partner for Life .in has ensured that each and every response (provided internet connection and server is working) is automatically saved. So, you and your Partner can take breaks (within the validity period) and fill the questionnaire at your own pace.

About Partner for Life .in Products and Services:

Partner for Life .in offers following products and services:

1. On line questionnaire for behavioural compatibility and conflict analysis, which generates a self explanatory online report. At present, it offers three different online questionnaires:

- "What's My Profile" (self only)

- "Profile match & conflict analysis" (with partner)

- "Expectation vs. commitment match" (with partner)

2. Face to face or telephonic advise or consultation based on your filled online questionnaire

3. Advise on marital conflicts

4. Seminars on "Conflict Resolution" or "Motivation & Team Building" (for groups, family, society)

Additional services of Partner for Life .in are face to face advice / counseling on personal conflicts, trainings & motivational programs. We also offer corporate training / consultancy in quality, quality systems, change management, operational improvement, cultural improvement, team building and behavioral areas. This service is offered by our parent company Simply Dhruv. Simply Dhruv has a wide experience (established in year 2003) in delivering corporate trainings and consultancy. You may also visit us at www.simplydhruv.com

How to select between the different Questionnaires (Guide to select the questionnaire)

Once you register on www.partnerforlife.in and Login to the site after verification of your email, you can select the right questionnaire for you from "Questionnaire Selection Guide".


I, Pankaj Aggarwal would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my parents for all their support in letting me follow my ideas, my wife who is my best friend & guide and without whom I could have never taken risks in life, my son who never complained inspite of most of the time away from him while designing this product, my sister who painstakingly prepared, edited and re-edited the Hindi version, my school teachers who helped me to develop a very strong base at a young age, my school mates whose trust and support helped me to develop high self confidence at a young age, my service providers and my team of programmers including my nephew Abhinav without whom this product would have never found its way on the web and my entire family & friends for their love and support. Above all, I would like to thank God who has always been kind to me and my family! I pray God to give us wisdom and strength for our mission and vision.

Jai Hind !!!

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