Refund Policy

Delivery, Cancellation & Refund Policy

This document contains 3 sections. Revision number of this document is 00 (first time release) and the date of release is 23.05.2015.

1. Shipping and Delivery

Partner for provides following products / services:

Products (a): Online Questionnaires for profile and / or expectation / commitment (conflict / compatibility) analysis

Products (b): Consultancy / Counseling & Training

For products (a), if the server and internet connections are properly working, delivery of online questionnaire is almost instant (in real time) in "My Questionnaire" section of your online account on our website after successful payment through payment gate way on our website (subject to the realization of payment in our account). Since questionnaires are to be only filled in soft, no physical shipping / delivery is required. After full completion and locking of questionnaire by you & your partner (except in those products which require completion and locking only by you e.g. “What’s my profile”), soft copy of report is delivered online in "My Report" section of your online Initiator's account on our site. If your registered email ID is correct and does not block mails from our site, we try to also send a soft copy of report to Initiator’s email ID. Since your report contains confidential information, we do not send hard copy of the report to avoid it going in wrong hands.

For products (b), we accept payment only after the delivery of our services.

For more details kindly refer to our Terms of Use / Service Agreement document (under the heading of legal and security) and Step by Step Approach (in home page.)

2. Cancellation

For products (a): You can anytime cancel your order or request, till the time online payment is not made. However, once the payment is made for products (a), you can not cancel any order or request for those products.

If you are in dilemma or in doubt of buying any of our products, kindly contact our office and seek clarification. If you are still not convinced or not sure about the outcome, kindly do not make any payment.

Since we accept payment for products (b) only after the delivery of products, both you and Partner for Life .in can cancel any appointment without any liability to each other except in those conditions which are specified in our Terms of Conditions / Service Agreement.

For more details kindly refer to our Terms of Use / Service Agreement document.

3. Refund

Products (a): 100% refund for a particular product is applicable only if we fail to deliver the online questionnaire (because of our technical or administrative fault) in “My Questionnaire” section of your online account on our website within 7 days (maximum) after realization of payment from you in our account or if we fail to meet any condition as specified our Terms of Use / Service Agreement (Note: kindly also read section 6.3 Terms of Use / Service Agreement in detail).

Products (b): No refund is applicable except if we have taken any advance payment from you (Note: Generally we avoid taking any advance as per our current business practice) and fail to deliver the service for the same. 100% advance shall be refunded if we fail to deliver the service on the mutual agreed date and venue.

Process of Refund

Wherever refund is applicable as per this document or as per Terms of Use / Service Agreement document, we shall refund you the amount without undue delay against your claim for refund. For the refund claims, please write to us at with Your Name, registered email ID, registered phone number, Payment Receipt number, registered address, order number, payment reference number (if any), product code for which the refund is sought, explaining the reason of refund. Please write “Refund” in the subject line and send the complaint only from your registered email ID (We are not liable to refund any amount if the mail is not sent from your registered email ID because this is the unique identification of our online customers).

We shall examine your request for refund and revert to you on your registered email ID within 10 days of receiving such claims. If your refund claim is accepted as per this document or as per Terms of Use / Service Agreement document, we shall process your refund within 15 days of accepting the claim.

If payment is made through a payment gate way, we shall refund you using the same payment gate way. But if it is not possible due to any reasons (for payment made in Indian rupees), you shall receive a mail from us at your registered email ID, for providing us the relevant details for refund formalities. On receiving these details (such as your account name, bank name, branch, account number, account type, IFSC code, MICR code, your communication address etc), refund shall be made within 30 days of receiving such details. Partner for Life .in is not responsible for any refund if you do not provide us these details or provide wrong account details or wrong communication address or wrong phone number or in case of mail delivery failure at your registered / given email address.

Partner for Life .in is not at all responsible or liable for any refund either full or partial for a particular order or Product / Service if payment for that order or Product / Service is made in other than Indian currency using an International payment gate way such as PayPal and if there is no provision/ facility / denial in processing the refund or deduction of any transaction fee or otherwise by the payment gate way. For such cases, we shall write to you at your registered email ID to guide us the alternative method for the online transfer of refund which is acceptable to Reserve Bank of India and also convenient to us or you arrange the personal collection of refund from our India office.

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